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The Evolution of Browser Gaming Software

In the beginning there was the internet – a global network of computers allowing its users to collaborate and share information quickly and easily. Soon the internet has become available for the general population, allowing them to use their benefits in their own ways – and the need for online entertainment has emerged. Out of this need online gaming was born – an industry that has grown into one of the most lucrative ones in the last few years.

I don’t clearly remember the first browser-based game I ever played, but I am sure it was built in Java. This technology, built to work across the many browser platforms, was the go-to solution for the first browser game developers. I think browser games would not have evolved into what they are today without the contribution of this open-source platform. But it had its limitations, so it was quickly replaced by other ones.

Perhaps the most popular of them all was Flash, a proprietary framework used by Macromedia (later overtaken by Adobe). Flash games were easy to create and deploy, which made Flash – and later Shockwave – the solution of choice for many developers. Flash was good while it lasted, though, but now it’s being gradually replaced by HTML5, another solution available for anyone that has the advantage of working on any platform you can imagine – desktop and mobile alike.

A great way to showcase the evolution of browser gaming is to take a look at the evolution of online casinos. Their first browser-based games were Java-powered. Some of these old, Java casino games can still be played at the Royal Vegas casino, a gaming platform with a long history. These games only work on older phones, only capable of running Java – but they are still there. Still, the majority of the games at Royal Vegas are built using modern technologies – Flash or HTML5 – which provide better visuals and smoother functioning altogether. And what games! An amazing variety, running on any platform you might think of. The games at the Canadian Royal Vegas online casino range from great to amazing, with smooth visuals, great music and big wins.

One of today’s most promising browser game platforms is Unity, a game engine developed by Unity Technologies in 2005. Currently at its fifth version, Unity is a truly cross-platform game engine, allowing games built using it to run on platforms like BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 8, Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, Unity Web Player (including Facebook), the PlayStation line, the Xbox line and various Nintendo products. And when it comes to games built using it – their graphics and performance are unmatched. The list includes big names like the latest Angry Birds, Fallout Shelter (a popular tie-in to the Fallout series), Kerbal Space Program (a rocket engineering simulator) and many other notable titles.

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