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The best apps to play and win

Mobile applications in our smartphones today know almost everything: fix expenses, consider the steps, heartbeats, calories, learn languages and create presentations. With all the variety of applications and games for entertainment, it would be strange if no one thought of using a smartphone as a source of additional revenue. Here we have collected top 2 apps and 2 games in which everyone can win real money, making payments, performing simple tasks or selling content.


Many companies need to receive timely information about how their products are presented at points of sale and what consumers think about products. The TopMission application allows you to combine the trip to the store with the addition: users search for the job in the vicinity and perform it, following the detailed instructions.

Typical tasks: to take pictures of products in the store, indicate the prices of goods or, for example, answer questions about their product preferences. The fulfillment of such tasks is estimated by the service in the amount, which are transferred to the phone or the online purse within three working days after the endorsement of the assignment.


With this application, users of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social networks can earn money by selling their photos and videos to professional media without much effort. It’s enough to register through an account in one of these social networks and link your accounts to the profile. To start earning, you either need to manually mark photos and videos for sale or tick “sell all the content” and then all the pictures will be uploaded to the Lobster database.

In addition, you can simply put the #ilobsterit hashtag and the service itself will make the content available for sale. The application itself makes a description of the image based on geolocation, signature, comments, publication date and maximum resolution. The base cost of a photo or video is still $ 2.25, but in the future prices will differ depending on the popularity of the photo and the quality of the picture.

Gambling online

Casinos are actively advertised as an easy and affordable way to earn money. But do not forget that the expression “casino always remains to be won” is true for online platforms. There are different types of online gambling available to play and win, as you can find the most popular blackjack, slots, poker, roulette or even play live casino games.

Blackjack offers you all these classic ways to earn money by playing games on your phone. Despite all the differences, they are united by one: in order to win money, it is necessary to reach a certain level, after which to withdraw the earned money to your wallet.

Dota 2

If you want to earn money on games without attachments, you can consider this option, because the registration here is completely free. Users participate in the battle of good with evil, pump the hero and collect artifacts. One of the most popular online role-playing games in the world.

The main source of earnings – skins (the name of the design for heroes and weapons). They are obtained in a random order after the game is over and are the main value for gamers, as they are in great demand on specialized exchanges.

And if you also have 3D modeling skills, you can create such objects yourself. The creators of the game consider the options for gamers and add the ones you like in the game space, paying the creator a quarter of the future income from this subject.

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