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The best applications to make money

If you have been wondering how to make money from the comfort of your home and without investing money, you will know that with the information age it is very easy to get money and make money from nothing.

If you want to make money without investing so much time, I will share the best applications for Android and iOS (iPhone) phones that allow you to earn money regardless of the country where you are, whether it is Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina … you can claim the money earned through PayPal so you can buy what you want.

Some applications reward you with money when watching videos, downloading applications, playing and giving your opinion about some products and services.

Best applications to earn real money 

1- WHAFF-Rewards:

Sign up through Facebook and get paid rewards for the apps, playing and keeping them for extra rewards, you can redeem your prizes with real money or online gift cards.

2- Tap Cash Rewards – Make Money:

Enjoy watching videos and playing through applications and receive rewards with PayPal gift cards or cash prizes. Download this app and follow the instructions to start earning credits.

3- AppNana – Tarj. Free:

Download and try free apps of “offers nanas” to win, accumulate lullabies and be win by gift cards, also get 400 daily points just to return, download it now! And start to exchange your nanas.

4- Slidejoy – Unlock money:

Earn cash or gift cards with your favorite brands just by seeing advertising and news in a smartly blocked screen, to accumulate 1000 carats is equivalent to $ 1 and you can claim it every month or simply donate it to charities.

5- Adme – Lockscreen Cash Rewards:

This app shows ads and trend content that you will have to open and interact in them, in this way you will receive rewards in cash or through gift cards, take into account that this application consumes data and believes in the transparency of users.

Bonus Earn money by betting online with apps

In general, fees are better on the Internet. In addition, betting online offers flexibility and speed that you can never find in a physical betting house (Try betting websites with apps for example). On the Internet, you can easily compare the odds of different betting houses, see the last tip of your favorite expert and read the latest news of the game for which you want to bet.

However, be careful when you are going to choose a betting house. If you reside in US or UK, there are quite a few restrictions. For example, certain houses are available in US or UK but they do not really have a license to operate. If you have any problem with any of them, nobody can help you.

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