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Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive, a beautiful stick with encryption system

USB stick

A code encryption protects the data of this new Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive The new Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive is a key that might like it more than anybody, except for the price: we doubt, in fact, that there is the desire to buy a USB memory from 4 GB to 95 dollars …

New portable monitor 4K 15-inch Toshiba with switch between 2D and 3D


The new Toshiba 15-inch monitor will switch between 2D and 3D here is the latest rumors The new Toshiba 15-inch monitor has not been officially presented by the company, so we have very few details about him. The few we have, however, allow us to have a clear idea of what the company has created for the consumer: the goal, in fact, is to offer the highest quality in the industry , promising not only a size but also a high resolution 4K, with the option to switch between theRead More

Toshiba’s glasses are like the Google Glass but less intelligent


No major company in this electronics consume who wants to be out of the game of wearables. Although it makes sense to get in easier to move like watches or bracelets land, Toshiba also dares with glasses. Here the reference is clear, Google Goggles, which are also quite a complicated device clone, not the hardware used, but for the services and relations with Android, the search engine company may raise.