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10 gadgets for your baby if you’re a tech dad or mom


Looking for gadgets for your baby? If you are a technological mom or dad, you will not be able to resist any of these inventions

7 reasons that will convince you to use the electric bicycle

electric bicycle

Still, do not decide to use or not an electric bike? In this article, we show you 7 reasons that will convince you, even if from time to time. Do you want to know what they are?

Five self-powered desktop speakers to spice up your PC or a small TV

desktop speakers

The multiple possibilities to reproduce formats, use different types of software, access to streaming services. And sources of online content provided by a personal computer make it a more than valid option to use as the main core of a sound system, multimedia center or key piece of a home theater set.

The best wireless sports headphones 2018

sports headphones

Does it motivate you to be in full physical effort and to be listening to your favorite music? Do not you conceive your training sessions without moving to the rhythm that marks you the melodies you hear? It is clear that you need a device that offers you the best sound! So the Bluetooth headphones – or wireless, as you prefer. The best option to achieve a listening experience that helps you to perform more and better.

Best Vacuum 2018 You Must Know

Best Vacuum

A good vacuum cleaner is the best ally you can have to help with the cleaning of your home. The vacuum cleaner helps you collect dust, spilled liquids, pet hairs, and solid waste in seconds with just one pass and practically without making any physical effort.

Waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker, Logitech UE Roll good buying opportunity


One speaker cheap, waterproof and portable all the features of Logitech UE Roll… Today we present Logitech UE Roll, a speaker Bluetooth handset that has on his side not only a decent performance, but also the compact size and an affordable price: the speaker, in fact, it weighs just over 300 grams and grains more or less As a standard CD has on its part, however, the certification IPX7, and therefore is completely waterproof and can be used, therefore, both in the shower is in the rain, without that theseRead More

The Samsung P3 Portable offers 4 TB of storage in 20 mm thick

Samsung Gadget

External hard drives are still one of the most popular among users accessories, and Samsung has given a twist to this segment with the launch of Samsung P3 Portable , a device that stands out for two sides. Even three. The first, having a thickness of 20 mm. The second, which is able to provide up to 4 TB of storage.

Blue Freedom Portable Hydropower Plant – Portable Power Station


The world we live in is increasingly thirsty for water and energy supplies. Having a small central in tow is a nice convenience. Blue Freedom Portable Hydropower Plant is a source from which flows the charge needed to power the electric and electronic devices, in particular environmental situations.

PicoAir portable projector for smartphones


See with friends photos and videos contained in your smartphone gets easier with PicoAir. PicoAir is a portable projector that can help on those occasions when it is difficult to have a larger device of the same type. The model was created for use with the smartphone, allowing the sharing that you can not get by appealing to only smart phone, where the photos or videos are enjoyed by two, maximum three people at a time, because of the small size of the screen, that limit the field of view.

Lehmann Audio Traveller, new Portable Headphone Amplifier


Lehmann Audio Traveller is a new portable headphone amplifier very good but maybe a bit’ too expensive Today we present a Portable Headphone Amplifier very good but a bit’ too expensive: Lehmann Audio Traveller, in fact, provides very convincing performance, as well as how to use a very simple, but the price of 499 euro makes us reassess much (well, it is true that the amplifier is a niche product, it is equally true, however, that there is a limit to everything, they speak of 500 Euros, which are certainlyRead More