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Intel NUC, incoming new mini-PC platform Braswell

Intel Mini PC

Intel is preparing to introduce some changes in its family of mini-PC Intel NUC. The support pages indicate official specifications and prices for the two new models based on the platform Braswell. We have come to know well the device family Intel NUC as a major point of reference in the segment that includes the mini-PC, a product category that seems likely to attract a lot of interest even though it is a niche.

Zidoo X1, interesting mini PC Android


Here is a good proposal for the PC market, the mini-PC that we present is called Zidoo X1 and has a technical rather interesting. We continue to talk about mini PC since Zidoo X1 is certainly worth to be mentioned: it is, in fact, a device that equips Allwinner H3 that stands out from all the others for a design that may or may not like, but that is certainly different from all the others: color silver or yellow, in fact, Zidoo X1 has a rounded shape and is veryRead More

Mr.Nuc V6, from China a mini-PC with Intel Core i3 for $ 300


Mr.Nuc V6 is a new kit mini-PC based on Intel Core i3 Haswell and inserted at a price of $ 300. Despite its name, however, the device has nothing to do with the line of Intel NUC.

Acer Chromebox CXI, the mini PC for sale at 219.99 dollars


The new Acer Chromebox is available for sale at 219.99 dollars This mini PC is called Acer Chromebox CXI and it was announced last August: it is a device that we like very much, because, as all devices with Chrome OS, it does not cost a lot and offers a decent performance; the price, in fact, is equal to 219.99 dollars and is therefore convenient for a certain type of consumer.