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The Model 01 is breaking in Kickstarter


Kickstarter has become the starting point of great technological products, and this time we speak to them of a keyboard Open Source in a few days has become a reality thanks to this platform Crowdfunding. His name is Model 01 (and with the originality of its creators), and is a key addition to being different in shape and performance when used on a computer, is also Open Source, which allows us – or permit – get our hands on a fully programmable tool based on our needs and daily tasks.

Kickstarter eliminates Anonabox for breaking the rules


Seen and unseen. Earlier this week we talked about Anonabox, a promising draft router anonymous surfing in a matter of hours had gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars. All went well until researching some users began to discover irregularities.

Kickstarter of the Week: Wear Hattrick hat prismatic with augmented reality to smartphones


Wear a hat trick is probably the kit augmented reality craziest we’ve seen since the days of the Nintendo Virtual Boy. Augmented Reality on the cheap? According to the inventor of Hattrick Wear you can do. Just do not get cervical problems … Why the trick is to place your smartphone in a kind of special hat, complete with a prism in a HUD that transfers the contents of your touch screen. This kind of helmet is made like a baseball cap, and is poised to not to fall overRead More