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Google patents a keyboard for the real-time translation


Will never see the light this virtual keypad made by Google for the real-time translation The project to which we refer was patented a few years ago, but still has leaked online and that’s why I talk about it late, aware, however, that Google might have deserted him, to focus on other types of technology. We are talking about a virtual keypad – what you see in the picture opening – which enables the real-time translation between two parties. We need to see the operation.

Microsoft dares to Wear a keyboard for Android


Microsoft has shown in recent years that has little problem in creating applications for platforms that are not in their domain. What makes Android, and will continue to do so with his version wearable devices.

AirType, bracelets made from keyboard


In recent years there have been in the world of gadgets numerous special keyboards with amazing features like its flexibility or water resistant, but with AirType bracelets can write without keyboard and seem a novelty that could replace them.