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Pure Sound Labs BT2200 Bluetooth headsets for children

When one thinks of the headphones, in general the idea goes to the users more mature and aware. Reeds children, however, use them. Protect them is a duty. Pure Sound Labs BT2200 Bluetooth headset is specifically designed for children, with the aim of putting them away from dangerous hearing damage.

Motorola Moto Hint, very special Bluetooth headsets


The headphones that Motorola has are really nice here is Motorola Moto Hint It’s called Motorola Moto Hint and it is an accessory that some ‘expected from’ IFA 2014 the company, as it had been sent an online teaser trailer that did not think about anything else. We’re talking about very special headsets, which will be sold in different colors and can be distinguished not only small but also because they are characterized by a very nice design and they certainly have noticed in photos. Let’s see the details.