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Mikme, the GoPro audio recording

Audio Recording

In the field of video recording we have different solutions depending on the situation, cameras recording quality and size, as more compact and portable to take to the streets to record a voice without having to lose the quality of image. Unfortunately when talking of audio recording things often complicated a little microphones that incorporate cameras like the GoPro or other compact not stand out as being of the highest quality, and if you are to record videos in the street and use the recorder your smartphone to capture audioRead More

Motrr Galileo motorized support for GoPro


Support to perform remote shooting with the GoPro can be an interesting option for the needs of users. Galileo is the support of motorized Motrr born for the ‘iPhone but now available, thanks to a series of adjustments, including the famous GoPro.

GoPro will sell a line of drones next year


Drones GoPro, the future of the shooting action flying is ready to arrive in our homes – or rather, in our activities more reckless. Quadricotteri, drones multi-rotor designed to scarrozza the action cam here is the new idea of GoPro to expand their business, find new customers, and encourage fans who are already loyal users to say goodbye to other money for a “toy” sensational and hilarious.