iSnatch Power Bank Series G charging for tech gadgets


One of the nightmares for lovers of gadgets is to stay without charge on the device of the heart, even when this would serve more. The market offers various solutions.

Pedal to charge your gadgets


If you traveled lately, chances are at some airport Webike you’ve encountered. These are bikes that make pedaling if your gadgets are loaded. Took just half an hour, for example, we will have to charge a smartphone. Pedal nonstop The truth is that we could already see Webike across Europe, these exercise bikes that may seem simply designed for exercise; but nothing further, allowing charging gadgets. If you’ve been in a place like an airport perhaps you’ve missed or you have gone long, but have already been implemented in some.

Four Tips for using Chromecast at full capacity


The Chromecast was presented as the ideal for those who want a smart TV but still do not feel ready for that great investment tool. And maybe now you are happy with the device. However, if you get to look around a little more with him, you’ll find new features.’ll Show you 4 tips to maximize their potential.