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Xiaomi shows a new bracelet

Smart Bracelet

Rumored to be the second version of its My Band, but Xiaomi, today, has surprised taking this variant of quantifying bracelet, AmazFit is his name and is totally focused on fitness. Interestingly it joins the invitation has come to means of a presentation on the 22nd of this month, a new version of E4, DC version.

Huawei Play Smart Bracelet, bracelet new $ 65


Among the bracelets cheap today we announce Huawei Play Smart Bracelet Huawei Play Smart Bracelet was introduced recently and is a bracelet that, for this reason, it is still shrouded in mystery, will add to the multitude of bracelets that are springing up in the Chinese market from 21 October, but it seems that is also in the release around the world, as long as the debut does not prove disappointing. And the risk there is no doubt – as the more informed will know – given that China hasRead More