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Five self-powered desktop speakers to spice up your PC or a small TV

The multiple possibilities to reproduce formats, use different types of software, access to streaming services. And sources of online content provided by a personal computer make it a more than valid option to use as the main core of a sound system, multimedia center or key piece of a home theater set.

The best wireless sports headphones 2018

Does it motivate you to be in full physical effort and to be listening to your favorite music? Do not you conceive your training sessions without moving to the rhythm that marks you the melodies you hear? It is clear that you need a device that offers you the best sound! So the Bluetooth headphones – or wireless, as you prefer. The best option to achieve a listening experience that helps you to perform more and better.

Turn up the volume! The best speakers to enjoy your music

Smartphones have completely changed the way music consumerism. In the old days, it was common for a lot of people to have a stereo at home, with powerful boxes and capable of playing CDs, K-7 tapes and even vinyl records. Over time, MP3 format also came to be present, but all this was in the past thanks to the Bluetooth speakers.

Helios bluetooth headset powered by the Sun


The gadgets have many talents, but unfortunately their energy autonomy is often limited. The manufacturers try in various ways to run for cover. Bluetooth headphones are increasing in the market, but they have a problem, the autonomy limited. Helios tries to overcome this handicap by appealing to energy more democratic and economic that of the sun.

iSnatch Bluetooth Waterproof Mini speaker


A small speaker and water resistant can be an attractive solution, especially for younger people. Here is the proposal iSnatch. Bright colors and retro design for the iSnatch Bluetooth Waterproof Mini speaker, playing on compact volumes and sympathy to gain the interest of those who love to listen to music anywhere, even on the move.

Pure Sound Labs BT2200 Bluetooth headsets for children

When one thinks of the headphones, in general the idea goes to the users more mature and aware. Reeds children, however, use them. Protect them is a duty. Pure Sound Labs BT2200 Bluetooth headset is specifically designed for children, with the aim of putting them away from dangerous hearing damage.

Cubii: Bluetooth trainer to practice in the office


Working in the office has its advantages, but there are negative implications associated with this professional status, where no movement. Cubii tries to get around this problem.

Creative Muvo, a speaker Bluetooth that will survive to your parties!


We explored the possibilities of the Creative Muvo Mini, small speakers Bluetooth splash and dust resistant and perfect for outdoor parties. Now it’s winter and outdoor parties do not talk about – unless you’re passionate about skiing or other activities Nordic or Alpine, however, claim that the “miracle” of snow.

Motorola Moto Hint, very special Bluetooth headsets


The headphones that Motorola has are really nice here is Motorola Moto Hint It’s called Motorola Moto Hint and it is an accessory that some ‘expected from’ IFA 2014 the company, as it had been sent an online teaser trailer that did not think about anything else. We’re talking about very special headsets, which will be sold in different colors and can be distinguished not only small but also because they are characterized by a very nice design and they certainly have noticed in photos. Let’s see the details.

We evaluated the speakers SRS-BTX300

The same vertical growth of a city like Lima forced to change. Even if the user wants to purchase a great team and powerful sound, it is likely that its size does not take place in the small rooms of the new departments. So the alternative of having wireless speakers and enough power is more than adequate. I tried the speaker Sony SRS-BTX300. Is the verdict? A useful and efficient in their work unit.