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Apple Introduces New Apple TV, to show who’s boss in the field of multimedia box

Apple TV BOX

The rumors were many in the preview of the Keynote today, nothing unusual for these events, put all his chips into the device more sympathetic congenial to them or what they carry in your pocket or purse. The star of the day was the iPhone 6S and its Plus version, otherwise always remained as rumor or “possibility of filing” which in the end left us that may or may not be presented.

The Chromecast of Google turns your TV into a Smart TV

Chromecast of Google

It is a simple and inexpensive device, but to be very useful if you do not want to invest heavily in a new TV For many it is important to have a TV that can connect to the Internet or ‘smart.’ What do I do if I want to still make a strong investment in buying a new one? And what if a couple of years ago I bought a TV , looks great but not Smart? Google offers Chromecast , a small and inexpensive device good performance. Perhaps at this time you’re also thinkingRead More