New Google Chromebox for meetings, Asus and Google collaborate for meetings up to 20 participants


Asus and Google are collaborating on a new Chromebox, yes expensive but not too much, because you can manage meetings of up to twenty participants simultaneously; currently, the target market is the United States of America, but it is said that the device should be relegated only to the US: in fact, since the sector is to Enterprise / Business, we can assume no doubt the arrival in other markets. But let’s go, and let’s see how it works and how it is made ​​the new Google Chromebox.

GoogleThe product is designed to handle meetings up to twenty people in the best way: it is based on a USB camera with full HD resolution pan-tilt-zoom; this means, for those not familiar, the lens can be rotated and can also zoom quite accurate; in addition to the camera, there is a pair of microphones, with the addition of a pair of speakers, allowing it to diffuse the sound particularly large meeting rooms. The new Google Chromebox allows, finally, to connect two monitors for a better viewing experience than usual it is clear, then, that Google and Asus have teamed up to offer the best to the end consumer.

Currently, Google Chromebox does not have a technology that the Mountain View company should lead very early in the package: it is a necessary technology to dramatically improve the screen sharing – important in any match – and a panel-controls easy to manage on several occasions. Strengths Chromebox for meetings also include ease of installation and frequent updating of the software.

For those unwilling to spend 2 thousand dollars, Chromebox for the meeting it is still affordable in the good old version designed for eight people.

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