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Mikme, the GoPro audio recording

Audio Recording

In the field of video recording we have different solutions depending on the situation, cameras recording quality and size, as more compact and portable to take to the streets to record a voice without having to lose the quality of image. Unfortunately when talking of audio recording things often complicated a little microphones that incorporate cameras like the GoPro or other compact not stand out as being of the highest quality, and if you are to record videos in the street and use the recorder your smartphone to capture audio does not change things much.

Audio Recording

Mindful of the need to record audio in good quality, portable and without the need to stop the pay on a purchase, it appears to be a metaphor of what the GoPro video, but this time in audio capture.

His name is Mikme and is a project that raises funds currently in Indiegogo to become a high-quality microphone with a price “content” and you can take it anywhere without fear of not being able to record with the quality you need.

Among the main features of Mikme we can find:

  • Has a mobile application that can modify several aspects of the microphone settings, among them certain parameters recorded audio, which can be 24 bit 96KHz.
  • Its dimensions are 70x70x35mm.
  • Weighs only 200g.
  • Connectivity Bluetooth 2.1.
  • Battery 1000 mAh.
  • 8GB internal storage, capable of storing up to 180 hours and 16 hours in MP4 format in WAV format.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and iOS and Android.
  • You install mount tripods.

Mikme is ideal to carry around and conduct interviews, impromptu podcasts, or those musicians who are coming inspiration and want to record anywhere, the solution to any problems that have to do with the audio recording.

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