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iSnatch Power Bank Series G charging for tech gadgets


One of the nightmares for lovers of gadgets is to stay without charge on the device of the heart, even when this would serve more. The market offers various solutions.

GadgetThe accessories for charging smartphones and tablet arouse interest in consumer electronics customers. The list of proposed iSnatch the Power Bank G-series, available in three different models that promise a large charging capacity.

Here they are:

  • G10 v.2 iSnatch is the Power Bank 22mm with 10000 mAh capacity. Lightweight and powerful, it has 4 LED, 2 USB ports 1A and 2.1A of output current. Micro USB cable for charging the Power Bank included.
  • iSnatch G5 v.2 is a Power Bank 5000 mAh capacity for 12mm thick. Flashing LED and 1A output current from two USB ports can be used simultaneously. Complete with an adapter Lightning iPhone; Micro USB cable integrated output and Micro USB cable for charging the Power Bank.
  • G2.5 iSnatch is the Ultra Slim model with 2500 mAh in only 6mm thick. LED control bicolor and USB port 1A of output current. Complete with an adapter Lightning iPhone, micro USB cable for charging the integrated Power Bank and outgoing, as well as a handy suction pad anti-slip to use when charging the smartphone.

Equipped with external battery lithium polymer, these charging instruments are comfortable and versatile, thanks to the extreme lightness. In the catalog of the brand it is also the Lightning USB cable, for charging iPhone, iPad and iPod.

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