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I need to buy a powerful router, what are the best options?

Despite the fact that along with the installation of the Internet they usually give you a WiFi router, many users do not settle for what the company on duty provides, and they look for a powerful router for gaming or simply with better reach than they already have.

By powerful, we can refer to several things but mainly has to do both with the scope and intensity of the signal and with added features that make a router an interesting option: WiFi AC, WiFi Mesh or tri-band, to name a few examples.

The configuration options also have a lot to do, for example, if you can integrate a VPN or if the interface is easy to manage. In any case, there are powerful long-range routers to spare in the market, although they are not exactly cheap.

Although many users ignore it, the investment in a high-end router always compensates, especially if you have a large house with many “dead zones” to which the WiFi does not quite go well. Currently, there are users who prefer a repeater or a PLC to bring the Internet to their entire home, although WiFi followers are gaining more and more followers.

There are subtle differences between the different powerful routers for gaming and big houses, although any of the proposals that we have put together will allow you to have a solid Internet connection to download and play without problems.

The powerful router you can buy

Netgear Nighthawk XR500

Of the Netgear Nighthawk line routers, not all are available in Spain. Luckily the XR500 model is, and it is one of the best gaming routers you can buy.

Besides guaranteeing the best speed and stability with the AC2600 technology, it has a strong point that makes it stand out from the others: it comes with its own integrated operating system that makes things much easier.

For example, it automatically optimizes the Internet connection to reduce the drops in signal strength. And ping, something to be grateful for when you play online.

In addition, it shows data in real time of the bandwidth consumed by each device connected to the network. Something useful to detect if everything is working as it should.

It even allows you to filter the connections according to the geographical origin. For example, to avoid playing against other players that have a slow response.

Fritz! Box 6890 LTE

This WiFi router is perfect for large houses, although it is not specific to gaming. It is something more domestic, more “familiar”, but equally complete since it allows you to configure VoIP and telephone.

In addition, it has everything that the other models we have chosen, or almost everything, can offer. It has its own highly configurable operating system, a simple interface. And an ecosystem of associated devices, such as repeaters, PLCs or smart plugs.

It has a SIM slot in which you can insert a 4G card, perfect for enjoying Internet connection outside the home, taking the router wherever you want.

Google WiFi

This WiFi Mesh system is perhaps one of the best and most advanced in the market. Among its strengths, in addition to all those associated with WiFi networks in mesh, is the ease of configuration.

From the Google WiFi application, you will be shown step by step. And with graphic explanations everything you need to do to get the system going, something really easy.

It is a fairly powerful router system, perfect to have WiFi AC in large houses. Also from the app, you can control at any time how many devices are connected or how much bandwidth consumes.

You can also activate and deactivate the guest WiFi network from your mobile device, among other things, or assign priority to one of the devices. This way you can assign more bandwidth to the console if you are playing online from it.


Let’s get to the point: if you wire any device to this router, you can have up to 2 Gbps of speed. If that is not a powerful router, few things are.

In addition, it has all kinds of extras to make things easy for you while you play. Such as gaming software accelerator software.

If you have other ASUS routers at home, even if they are not the same model, you can take advantage of them to create your own WiFi Mesh network. The perfect option to take advantage of the full capacity of this router in any corner and without having to lose the connection at any time.

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