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The best iPhone accessories for iPhone X

best iPhone accessories

Not too, and we tell you all about the iPhone X. So far, the best mobile phone in the market. About to celebrate one year since its launch, we collect the best iPhone accessories for iPhone X. And, having the best phone on the market is very cool. Having the best phone on the market, with the best possible accessories, is cool. If you are one of the lucky ones spending an iPhone X, these are the best gadgets available.

Different types of headphones

types of headphones

You want to buy headphones and you’ve read a lot of comparatives, forums, blogs, etc. And every time you are more involved. We share different types of headphones. Too much information and not all are reliable, so let’s try to make it easy for you.

8 minimalist tips and tricks to use your mobile phone more efficiently

minimalist tips

The mobile phone is a weapon of ‘ mass distraction ‘ in full rule … both work and in our daily lives. That is what even the Chinese know. We share some minimalist tips and tricks for tips. At the time, I do not remember where I read it (I have to improve my system of taking notes), a study conducted in Germany revealed that the employees who had their cell phone removed were increasing their performance by 26%. So, it seems that everyone is clear that the phone can be a problemRead More

The best wireless keyboards: our 2019 buying guide

best wireless keyboards

Looking for a comfortable wireless keyboard for your laptop or desktop, tablet or smart TV. Whatever the need for it, we have selected for you the best wireless keyboards Bluetooth or WiFi models available in 2019. As for mice, we equip ourselves with a wireless keyboard for the freedom it provides. In addition, many users seek to minimize the clutter cables of their various facilities. Not to mention the other uses for which wireless keyboards are intended: keyboards for tablets or keyboards to control and seize faster on smart TVs.Read More

The best telephoto lenses

best telephoto lenses

Perfect for sports, nature, night, landscape photography… Best telephoto lenses allow you to comfortably photograph scenarios that are far away from our camera and capture moments that without these optics would be impossible to achieve, such as close-ups of the moon or the intensity of match soccer. We can get these images with optics such as this Sigma 740954, one of the objectives selected by our experts.

The most interesting electronic gadgets for this summer

interesting electronic gadgets

With the arrival of summer, holidays are approaching for everyone. And it’s the perfect time to treat yourself. The interesting electronic gadgets you’ve been wanting all year and you never knew when to buy. Well, you are lucky because most online stores are now taking their summer offers, so you no longer have any excuse.

16 cheap gadgets but they give you a lot in exchange for your money

cheap gadgets

Although in the market we find devices of all prices, there are some so cheap that it does not cost us too much to make the decision to buy them. In gadget-live we have selected 16 devices, gadgets and accessories are worth more than they cost thanks to offering a great value for money. Surely there are more, so if you come up with one that should be on our list, you can leave it in the comments.

The 9 best photo printer of 2019

best photo printer

If you like how to have your favorite photos on paper to see them whenever you want, this article will interest you. We show you a list of the best photo printers through which to achieve spectacular results.

The 7 best photo scanner of 2019

best photo scanner

We have decided that you would like to know the best photo scanner at the moment. In order to help you, we have conducted a market study. And we have concluded that the best options are the following scanners. Epson Perfection photo scanner You do not have to spend a lot of money to have a good photo scanner and we can verify this with this model. It offers us a great resolution, specifically 4800ppp. So the results will always be good, as long as you choose the maximum resolution.Read More

The 10 best gifts for gamers in 2019

gifts for gamers

Do you want to know what are the best gifts for gamers in 2019? If you are one of those who have a daily need to play a video game either on your PC or in a next-generation console, you can not miss this post. Be assured that the gifts that we are going to indicate will be insurmountable. Take your gamer side to shine and devote all parties to gaming: this is one of the best years you can imagine, especially by the launch a few years ago ofRead More