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Saturday, September 19th, 2020


5 best HDMI switch

best HDMI switch

It was so annoying having to change cables every time I was going to use a different console or the Blu-Ray with the TV, that I decided to search among all of them, the best HDMI switch to be able to make a single connection and that’s it. Surely it has happened to you too when you want the audio and video together instantly if you use any of your devices and want to change to another. For example, I needed to be able to connect the PS4, the XboxRead More

Must-Have Tech Skills for College Students

Good Headphone

The average modern college campus is literally buzzing with technology. Smartphones, computer labs, printers, cameras, tablets, laptops and more create an almost soothing white noise in the bustling hallways. And for any college student to survive, they must be fairly technically inclined on all platforms. While an IT Department does exist on campus for good reason, many people expect students to simply “figure it out” with little to no help from the Geek Squad. So what are the must-have tech skills for a ACU Online college student to succeed? HowRead More