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Sunday, June 12th, 2016


Optimizing Site Speed to Improve Site Rankings

Who could forget the dilemma caused by Google’s inclusion of site speed as a determining factor in search engine rankings? Perhaps it’s time to remind you that site speed has been included in Google’s algorithms. So, to make it to the top of the search engine’s search results, your site has to be optimized to fully load into browsers as quickly as possible.

How to Judge Website Design Worth

Usually, people ask why to give 250 $ for a logo development if someone is ready to design it under 70 $. People also want to know why to give any designer higher charges if some cheaper designers are available but if you consider the importance of website design then you will find it more economical and feasible to pay higher costs than lower. Designs are critical and important for the development of a website. These are the designs of logos and websites that count for most so don’t underestimateRead More

Is the Cloud Right for Web Developers and Designers?

The relentless rise of cloud computing is rapidly changing the way in which professionals who work in web development and design go about their jobs. The benefits of “working in the cloud” are potentially huge, however with such speed of progress it can be difficult to know whether a solution is indeed that. So, we’ve had a look at one of the major aspects of the cloud – cloud hosting – to see what effect it may have on the way in which developers and designers work. Increasing numbers ofRead More

Social Media Apps & Web Designing – Add Fun To Your Website

A website needs traffic and you might have been using various ways to enhance the traffic volume. Gone are the days when only search engine optimization was the success ladder to gain attention of targeted customers. Now social media activities have become integral part of any internet marketing plan. Social media apps add not just an entertainment aspect at your website, but contribute toward high site traffic and the resulting conversions. Here are some ways that show the impacts of social media over success of any website if made partRead More

An Introduction to Usability for Web Designers

As a state-of-the-art Internet user experience research method, usability testing is currently the best “who, what, where, when, why and how” data collecting and analyzing tool available. By observing opt-in website visitors with abbreviated entry and exit surveys, crucial data concerning your site is obtained, compiled and examined. Subsequently, through this expert, careful data analysis, you can learn and implement vital practices to insure the future success of your website and online business.

How to Find an Amazing Web Designer

So, you’ve been working with a web designer for a couple of weeks now. They’ve given you a great bargain on a cms, but there’s something not quite right. The design looks very novice. Like it’s meant to entertain visitors above 70 years old(And even they find it boring). They also ignore a lot of your technical related questions, or you believe the answers aren’t satisfactory.

Cloudmagic Works Across Multiple Gmail Accounts

Feel at home at Your visit is well recognized and acknowledged and you are encouraged to visit the site on a regular basis. There are some benefits that come along with being a regular member.

Web Content Copyright, Active Contact Links Should be a Must

In recent times, the first port of call for most literary research is usually the internet. The internet is a rich repository of information and other relevant content that can decidedly make the progress of any literary assignment go much faster. Usually there is often the notion that content found on the internet can be used quite freely so long as due attribution is made. This belief is wrong as sites with a copyright notice ask that users seek the permission of the owner(s) whatever content they seek to makeRead More

Time Of Essence

Time is of essence and the pace as which it moves can be tricky and mis understood by many. The idea of having some websites perform basic functions faster than others is puzzling. The speed is determined by various factors such as the size of the page and the size of the data being downloaded among other factors.

Coming Up With Websites Using MAMP and Modx

Creating a server of Apache, a MySQL information center and the PHP or Perl is not a daunting task any more. This is due to the availability of XAMPP that is used with Windows and LAMP to work with Linux, Mac and MAMP. About MAMP The MAMP website is available and one can easily download it and access the dmg folder after which one can lift and place the folder on the relevant location intended. It is a simple process as installation is not needed. Go ahead and run theRead More