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May, 2016


5 Ways to Protect Your Smartphone From Damage and Theft

It’s hard to walk down a city street or eat in a restaurant without seeing dozens of people engrossed in their handheld devices. Many even go so far as to call, text, and check Facebook when they’re driving or attending movies, much to the ire of their compatriots on the roads or in darkened theaters. In fact, you might start to wonder if some of your friends are incapable of being without their smartphones. What would happen if they suffered damage or loss? For that matter, what would you doRead More

Integrated Ecommerce Web Development

When you are setting up your ecommerce web development solution, then you should work with a reputable third-party provider who can help you integrate your site with your normal website. You should also consider adding other components such as a blog, an industry news section, frequently asked questions, a privacy policy, terms and conditions, about pages, and of course service description pages.

Benefits of Bitdefender box

Be it a businessman, housewife or a student, Bitdefender box provides safety to all. Irrespective of users, the software protects computer, mobile phones and other smart gadgets. This antivirus software is laced with all the necessary requirements that your PC needs. It will keep data and other personal information confidential and don’t let any virus attack on them.

Building a Tech Startup on a Budget

You have a great idea for the next tech gadget or platform that will forever change the lives of consumers. So how do you get started building a business from the ground up? If you haven’t sought the assistance of investors yet, you can still build your own business without spending a lot of money. The key is to find affordable products and services that can give you an online presence so you can start wooing investors to check out your business. 

Why Small-Business Owners Need Help


Small business owners who are just getting started out can use as much help as possible. When you look at the statistics, it is obvious that small business owners do not have a high likelihood of success. However, there are many individuals out there who have created successful small businesses. They have been able to keep these businesses going for years and have even watched them grow into midsize or large companies. One of the keys to success is taking help. One of the things that holds a small businessRead More