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December, 2015


How IIFL app is changing the landscape of financial markets and why you should get this app

India Infoline, one of the best-known names in India’s brokerage industry, has come up with an app called IIFL markets that they launched recently. As expected, the app outperforms its competitors like Moneycontrol etc on various parameters. Here are some things that make IIFL Markets a must have app for investors.

World Fad: Do You Need Speaking Pictures?

Speaking picture is trending across the globe. People are upbeat about the prospects of using Voxweb app and the way it is destined to change our lives. Some are comparing it to WhatsApp of instant messaging and Facebook of social media. Does it hold water? Well if we go by the history, then it probably does.

Five Affordable Tech Stocking Stuffers

With technology it’s safe to assume that the smaller it is, the more expensive it is. While this might often be the case, there are still some fantastic tech items you can snag in time for this holiday season. With the holidays in full bloom and folks scrambling to accrue those last few gifts, why not stock those stockings with more than candy or coal? Brookstone is your one-stop shop for the perfect stocking-sized gadgets on a small budget.

Easy Solutions for Hiding Electronic Cable Cords

Technology is an essential component to what makes a home function. We take great pride in our electronic devices and how they help improve our way of living.