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November, 2015


Sling TV from Dish Network for Cord Cutters

Sling TV is Dish Network’s newest and biggest invention and a true game-changer in the world of pay-TV. It is basically a streaming service where customers can access a bunch of channels online at a monthly fee of $20. The service, which was launched this February, began by subscription offers to selected volunteers before the service was opened up to the public.

iSnatch: USB power supplies to multiple outputs


The theme of the charging device technology today, increasingly voracious in terms of energy, is highly topical. iSnatch reaches out to those who want to recharge, with a single device, more technological devices simultaneously. The goal is to speed up the supply, in a simplified framework, to restore the notches, in an era of sophistication and various applications which drain the battery faster than smartphones and other portable gadgets.

How to Sell Your Car Quickly for the Sake of Finance

If you have made up your mind to sell your car, then you must know that selling a car is not as simple as it appears. Many persons try to figure out how to sell a car as they get many varied pieces of advice from varied persons. Your solo reason for selling your car is for the sake of finance and regarding this many reasons can be laid behind. The finance recovered from the car sale is purposefully spent like for any emergency or for buying a new car.Read More

Meet the new Apple Mac accessories

Apple Gadget

Apple just released new accessories, or rather, has renewed three of its most important peripherals for iMac: Keyboard, Trackpad and Mouse. There are three new features per device. The first thing you can see except the Magic Mouse 2 is the new design that looks more minimalist and functional than the previous one, which Apple also promises higher quality construction making them feel more comfortable and solid.

Light L16: 16 lenses in one compact camera


Photography in recent years has taken hold, and while there are many good options when choosing a good quality camera, the fact remains that hardly find good choices that do not require a bag to carry it daily.

Strix Asus GTX 980 Ti, the most powerful graphics card in market

Asus graphics card

ASUS still betting big on the world “gaming” with the launch of his incredible Strix GTX 980 Ti, spectacular graphics card ensures highest performance graphics in games, an improved manufacturing and structural reinforcement that underpins the reliability and longevity the same.

The Only Guide You Need For Car Valuation in India

Finding the best and the correct price for your car is extremely important.If price it too high, it may not get any sincere responses and if price it too low, the car will be easy to sell but it will not get the right price or we must say that buying a second-hand car is more challenging than buying a new car, because purchasing a used car takes much efforts than buying a new car, since the history, papers, condition and usage details of the car must be checked andRead More

Toshiba Canvio Ready, external hard drive with capacities up to 3 TB


Today we present the recent Toshiba Canvio Ready , announced recently by Toshiba and definitely interesting for those in search of physical media capable of storing huge amounts of data and does not trust the cloud, which, however, and perhaps fortunately will achieve a leading position in the world of archiving.

EaseUS Partition Master &Disk Copy – Disk management programs review!

EaseUS Partition Master & Disk Copy – Introduction Sometimes you run into situations in which you run into the shortage of space in your main OS partition or maybe you need to create a new partition. Doing all this with the default disk management tool on Windows is really hard to use and the user interface is really not good for a novice.

Audio Chromecast and Chromecast 2 and the two veteran updates “stick” of Google media

Google Media

In the presentation of Google we saw something that we asked for months, Chromecast 2 update multimedia stick of Google, which made us interact our Android devices with our TV, which although it proved to be a good idea and was the best been a little late, much more when compared with the competition. So somehow his presence on stage was quite predictable, which does not expect it to come accompanied with a “brother” who would be responsible only appearance music.