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October, 2015


BlackView one Pro Hero Camera Extreme Sports


Today we were unpacking and completely revised camera BlackView one Pro Hero, comprehensive camera extreme sports in every way, first includes everything you need to use either on land and water, including most accessories you need to use on different computers either bicycle helmets, motorbikes and underwater thanks to the protector that comes with which can reach depths of 30 meters.

Why your business needs high quality CCTV installation

Security and surveillance is hugely important for businesses, and there are now some incredible systems which make it easier than ever to protect your property as well as the people on site. This will include top quality CCTV cameras which can both deter and catch intruders and criminals.

Apple Introduces New Apple TV, to show who’s boss in the field of multimedia box

Apple TV BOX

The rumors were many in the preview of the Keynote today, nothing unusual for these events, put all his chips into the device more sympathetic congenial to them or what they carry in your pocket or purse. The star of the day was the iPhone 6S and its Plus version, otherwise always remained as rumor or “possibility of filing” which in the end left us that may or may not be presented.

Recover Data from Formatted Windows 10 Partition with Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Pro

You may come across such a case that you accidently formatted one of the computer partitions while trying to clear up some useless files. Formatting a partition on Windows 10 means to erase everything that’s on your hard drive partition. However, it is a common misunderstanding that this automatically means all files stored on the partition are permanently removed. Actually it only erases the address table, not the data itself. Don’t panic if you come across this issue. You’ve got Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Pro to rescue your precious dataRead More

The Best Streaming Devices For Your TV

Streaming Devices

There are so many different media streaming devices out there that can be used to access television content that it can very quickly become overwhelming when you have to choose which one to purchase. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular streaming devices on the market and the all important features that they can offer.

Gear Samsung S2 is compatible with all Android phones, …. in theory!


Although few days ago we saw firsthand (Samsung) announcement of Gear S2, today we had the official debut of this terminal which adds to the list of smartwatches round and one more battle wearables. This time unlike what many might think, the S2 is a SmartWatch works with Tizen, leaving aside the popular and well regarded Android Wear, all to achieve both software and hardware integration of the house.

LG G Pad II 10.1, it’s official the new tablet with Snapdragon 800

LG Tablet

Those who follow the constant evolution of the market for electronic gadgets will not be the new name of ‘LG G Pad II, the new device manufactured by the Korean giant whose arrival was anticipated by various rumors and rumors in past weeks.

Smart Fitness Trevi bracelet Band for iOS and Android

Samrt Bracelet

Keep an eye on a few parameters during exercise is a need felt by many users. Companies make their proposals. Trevi launches bracelet Smart Fitness Band for iOS and Android, which expands the range of choice for those who want to use new technologies to monitor their physical exercises in order to make them more effective.

iSnatch Power Bank Series G charging for tech gadgets


One of the nightmares for lovers of gadgets is to stay without charge on the device of the heart, even when this would serve more. The market offers various solutions.

Bose listen music with style in the summer 2015


The catalog of the American company offers many temptations to music lovers, ideal for summer holidays. Wish List Bose There are many tools for your listening pleasure, delivering the magic of the seven notes in a painting where the convenient usability, power and color of sound rise to wonderful companions at all times of the day, especially in the summer.