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September, 2015


HeadPlay the best FPV with 7 inch HD


Today I have a very interesting, especially for those who like you to experience something unique product, as you know I am a fan of the technology and of the Drones, this time we present HeadPlay a lens FPV are built with a receiver at 5.8GHz that, It will allow us to connect with our quadcopter if you have an HD camera and a transmitter to 5.8Ghz and enjoy high-definition camera what our quadcopter is displayed during flight.

The WiFi Router by Google

Google WiFi Router

In this final stretch of the year, and still leaving some technological official appointments, there is still room for surprises and releases outside these dates as expected, in the case of OnHub, how to understand and facilitate the WiFi signal at home. With a cylindrical shape and a look that looks great in any corner of the house, colors, blue or black, and a specification that promise to wireless quality and homogeneously in all corners of the house.

Water resistant quadcopter Aviax H2O


Today we were unpacking and revised quadcopter Aviax H2O, a water resistant quadcopter, unusual for this type of products the company has for us Allbuy, The Aviax H2O can consider for beginners, presents several flight modes allowing us fly to $ 20, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% would be a bit more for advanced.

Web Design Is Key To A Successful Website

Sites are composed in a dialect called hyper content markup dialect, or HTML for short. It is known as a “markup” dialect in light of the fact that as opposed to being a customary coding that arrangements with rationale and methodology it rather gives an arrangement of predefined “tags” which are utilized to compose and organization content. As it were the dialect itself does not perform any summons on the machine, but instead depends on the web program to translate the tags and presentation the website page. At first HTMLRead More

Best quadcopter Wingsland Scarlet Minivet with Gimbal and camera


Here we have them revised one of the best quadcopter talking about the Wingsland Scarlet Minuvet, a well-rounded quadcopter in every way, including a camera capable of recording at 1080p @ 30fps a Gimbal 3-axis a control which can operate the camera, a screen LCD that will show what the camera is recording and all this at only $ 599 US dollars.

Xiaomi is synonymous with smartphones, accessories, TVs, home automation, …. sneakers!

Xiaomi Sneakers

Xiaomi is now one of the largest when talking to manufacturers of consumer electronics companies and I mean “consumer electronics” because, unlike many-they were given the job of creating an ecosystem of products ranging from accessories, through mobile devices, televisions, health articles and lately oriented automation products. They are a brand you love, good products at prices below their competitors. After this ode to Xiaomi, and has been waiting for it clear how much I like your product, go on with the story.

Helios bluetooth headset powered by the Sun


The gadgets have many talents, but unfortunately their energy autonomy is often limited. The manufacturers try in various ways to run for cover. Bluetooth headphones are increasing in the market, but they have a problem, the autonomy limited. Helios tries to overcome this handicap by appealing to energy more democratic and economic that of the sun.

Famous Fictional Characters T Shirt Collection


Hey folks, today i am discussing about various fictional character t shirts that you can add to your collection and make it more awesome. Firstly Fictional characters are not ordinary characters they are ideal which show how can one fight with all problems and solve them. Secondly fictional characters look awesome and thus they can easily bring a smile on every face including yours, mine or a small kid.

Mikme, the GoPro audio recording

Audio Recording

In the field of video recording we have different solutions depending on the situation, cameras recording quality and size, as more compact and portable to take to the streets to record a voice without having to lose the quality of image. Unfortunately when talking of audio recording things often complicated a little microphones that incorporate cameras like the GoPro or other compact not stand out as being of the highest quality, and if you are to record videos in the street and use the recorder your smartphone to capture audioRead More

New Google Chromebox for meetings, Asus and Google collaborate for meetings up to 20 participants


Asus and Google are collaborating on a new Chromebox, yes expensive but not too much, because you can manage meetings of up to twenty participants simultaneously; currently, the target market is the United States of America, but it is said that the device should be relegated only to the US: in fact, since the sector is to Enterprise / Business, we can assume no doubt the arrival in other markets. But let’s go, and let’s see how it works and how it is made ​​the new Google Chromebox.