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Tuesday, August 25th, 2015


Pepper is selling like hotcakes, the robot trying emotions conquer Japan


The robot you see in the picture is called Pepper and knows how to recognize emotions Japan went like hot cakes Many of you are no doubt familiar with and someone else, instead, will associate the name Pepper in some strange electronic gadget, we are here today to tell you about just him, a robot that is able to feel emotions and that within one minute showed a full house; remember, in this regard, which was put on sale in Japan on June 20 and 10 at 10.01, therefore, alreadyRead More introduces Housing apps new Flatmate service

Two guys, in their mid twenties with an unforgettable smile in a Sunday afternoon relishing the hot coffee in their new flat and relishing their new game collection-  well, that’s what you feel like when you log on to the brand new, Flatmates section of  The concept of Housemate is nothing new, especially in India. Indian culture is all about mutual trust and understanding, and the whole notion of roommate nourishes the bond or rather the friendship. But you may certainly say how come you get the affordable flatRead More