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Monday, August 10th, 2015


5 Tips For Having A Great Uber Riding Experience

Uber revolutionized the cab grabbing experience for people. People who had to get car rentals and cabs by making calls to busy lines or standing on curbs of busy roads don’t have to do that anymore. Uber allows users to create an account on its website, connect it to their application and then use location of the user to get a cab. As user inserts his address and location a driver gets connected to the user. The driver arrives and picks up the passenger. How well this experience goes dependsRead More

How to Calculate Your Business’ Cyber Risk

Since the beginning of civilization, entrepreneurs and businesses have had to contend with particular risks to their products, establishments and finances. In centuries past, these risks were almost all of a physical nature: vandalism, theft and product degradation were all too common examples of the threats that business owners had to face. Today, however, many businesses have moved into the world of the internet, which creates an entirely new series of risks and threats that businesses must mitigate. In order to fight back against these potential risks, a business mustRead More

Apple Introduces New iPod Touch


After a few days ago to present its new service Apple Music, Apple was clear that sooner or later present a new model of iPod. And that has finally been, since today is the same reality the new version of the iPod Touch, which has with many of the technical features that we saw in the iPhone 6. In addition, it releases new colors, such as space and blue gray, silver, gold, pink.