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August, 2015


Best gaming platform for sports games

Sports enthusiasts may prefer to enjoy recreational outdoor activities or represent their team on the pitch, but for those of you who cannot get enough of your favourite sports, then there are plenty of computer games that can satisfy your needs. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular genres in the gaming industry, with leading developers taking it upon themselves to release sports-based games that make you feel part of the action and immerse you in the euphoric atmosphere of playing in front of a packed crowd. Every typeRead More

iPhone cases and covers

Apple iPhone has set new models for smartphone with its smooth, clean lines, huge screen interface and exceptionally cleaned completion. The iPhone’s mind blowing looks combined with its superb components makes it a standout amongst the best smartphone around.

In the future the iPhone Touch ID could move to the screen


And still raining rumors about the new iPhone could bring in the next generation. First they talked about the new camera in which Apple could be working, then said the new iPhone would bring a screen with force touch and now has come the time to Touch ID to give something to talk about, because according to a patent recently published and which is called “Biometric Fingerprint Sensor Signal Level Updating Including Drive,” speaks of how Apple has been exploring the possibility of detecting our fingerprint through “sensitive pixels” builtRead More

How to protect yourself online


With increase in technology advancements, Internet is no longer a safer place for users if no proper precautions and care is taken while surfing the Internet. The threat looms much on children below 12 years of age specially who already start using smartphones and Internet at tender young age.

Pepper is selling like hotcakes, the robot trying emotions conquer Japan


The robot you see in the picture is called Pepper and knows how to recognize emotions Japan went like hot cakes Many of you are no doubt familiar with and someone else, instead, will associate the name Pepper in some strange electronic gadget, we are here today to tell you about just him, a robot that is able to feel emotions and that within one minute showed a full house; remember, in this regard, which was put on sale in Japan on June 20 and 10 at 10.01, therefore, alreadyRead More introduces Housing apps new Flatmate service

Two guys, in their mid twenties with an unforgettable smile in a Sunday afternoon relishing the hot coffee in their new flat and relishing their new game collection-  well, that’s what you feel like when you log on to the brand new, Flatmates section of  The concept of Housemate is nothing new, especially in India. Indian culture is all about mutual trust and understanding, and the whole notion of roommate nourishes the bond or rather the friendship. But you may certainly say how come you get the affordable flatRead More

Gracious and Inspiring Housing Projects by Akshar Developers

Akshar developers, running to be among the most efficient and prideful owner of Akshar el Castillo are all set to give luxury seekers a perfect place to dwell in. Creating the magic with their developed and efficient projects is running towards an emerging global trend in construction services. They are rated among the best of housing developers in the city because of their serine and best construction. These houses and commercial buildings, they build are among the most elegant and resistive buildings that are safe and secured to live in.

Headphones HP Meliconi 50 practical, comfortable and functional

The company’s legendary salvatelecomando, which launched over the years many convenient facilities, expanded its catalog. Meliconi HP50 headphones are another digression brand in aftermarket audio and expand the product line for listening to the seven notes … and beyond.

The Next Big Thing in Wearable Tech Will Record TV When You Sleep

We have all been there, haven’t we? You start watching something on TV before you go to bed (or maybe after a big meal!) and get really interested in it only to doze off in the middle and end up missing the end! It is frustrating, especially when the program in question is not yet available on demand or via catch up services. However, there is a new piece of wearable tech that automatically detects when you fall asleep and then records whatever you are watching to be enjoyed atRead More

Uprite ErgoTM – Revolutionizing Standing at Work

Uprite Ergo launches its Sit2Stand Height Adjustable Workstation on Kickstarter  Less than 50 years ago, most Americans led physically active lifestyles that involved continuous movement in physically challenging working environments. In recent years, however, sitting at a desk has become the predominant way to make a living, and this ever-increasing sedentary lifestyle is taking its toll. According to Harvard Medical School, sitting at a desk or workstation for hours on end can lead to back issues, increased blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer. Not even regular exercise can truly offsetRead More