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June, 2015


LG G4 and it has been our experience after a month of use


After the corresponding analysis, the LG G4 has gone through our usual test involving intensive use and as a single terminal for a month. If any section of the operation of LG G4 we could refine after our analysis, this was the time to do it. We leave you now with our analysis of the LG G4 after a month of use. Exclusive design at other levels beyond the finish In our long test with each terminal, the part design and how each terminal operated for a full month isRead More

Developments in Lucknow – A Condition of Field Increase in Property

Land Market in India is on the trekking with each passing day while manufacturers are quickly putting resources into every one of the parts of the nation. Therefore extending their points of view in every measurement without leaving any stone unturned. One of the fundamental targets set by the manufacturers is plots in real estate Lucknow. The new developments in the city are into a record-breaking development. Indian and, also, remote engineers are purchasing plots in strong number for the development of townships and private buildings. Subsequently, bringing the cityRead More

Intel NUC, incoming new mini-PC platform Braswell

Intel Mini PC

Intel is preparing to introduce some changes in its family of mini-PC Intel NUC. The support pages indicate official specifications and prices for the two new models based on the platform Braswell. We have come to know well the device family Intel NUC as a major point of reference in the segment that includes the mini-PC, a product category that seems likely to attract a lot of interest even though it is a niche.

The Samsung P3 Portable offers 4 TB of storage in 20 mm thick

Samsung Gadget

External hard drives are still one of the most popular among users accessories, and Samsung has given a twist to this segment with the launch of Samsung P3 Portable , a device that stands out for two sides. Even three. The first, having a thickness of 20 mm. The second, which is able to provide up to 4 TB of storage.

Zidoo X1, interesting mini PC Android


Here is a good proposal for the PC market, the mini-PC that we present is called Zidoo X1 and has a technical rather interesting. We continue to talk about mini PC since Zidoo X1 is certainly worth to be mentioned: it is, in fact, a device that equips Allwinner H3 that stands out from all the others for a design that may or may not like, but that is certainly different from all the others: color silver or yellow, in fact, Zidoo X1 has a rounded shape and is veryRead More

Slice up Your Hard Drive using EaseUS Partition Master

Partition Master

Speaking of good disk partition utilities, EaseUS Partition Master tops the list of reasonably priced programs. There are various editions to this partition manager, ranging from free to professional. Targeted for different base of audiences and they are all fully functional towards the consumers they are targeted to. For example, the professional version serves the purpose of the computer troubleshooting guys very well, whereas the free version is just enough for home users. EaseUS Partition Master Free does all basic jobs like creating and formatting a partition, resizing a hardRead More

The benefits of using Mobikwik Wallet

Mobikwik Wallet

Across all the mobile platforms of Android, iOS and Windows, the MobiKwik wallet App now has more than 2 million downloads, and also over 2 million transactions that are being processed every month. This in itself is a staggering number. Mobikwik estimates that by the end of this year it will successfully be able to reach the milestone of five million downloads just through the Android app. Mobikwik also has ideas to expand and enhance the mobile app into a complete wallet solution.

We get into few adventures for your privileges

Since 2012, Android owned 78.8% of the market share whereas IOS owned 14.9% of the market share. The statistics from 2015 is expected to reach a hike in the percentage of the market share. It might sound real weird to some, but people have started their business on phones.

Google Is Serious About Transforming It Into Something Clever …. Even Clothing


Today we have a number of devices classified as smart telephones, watches, automobiles, household appliances and so endless devices with better performance than those originally offered. Apparently Google is not satisfied with the amount of “smart” things we already have, now gave to transform your clothing part of this ecosystem.

Meizu VS Xiaomi the company prepares PowerBank, WiFi router, fan and smartwatch


Big news for Meizu, Xiaomi who is preparing to fight with new interesting accessories Meizu prepares to surprise the market on June 2 this year: in addition to presenting a new smartphone, namely the successor Meizu M1 notes, we know today as the Blue Charm Note 2 is expected to launch products that will put directly in competition with the fearsome Xiaomi; talk, to be exact, a Power Bank , a WiFi router, a fan and a smartwatch that could prove even a smartband in short, for fans of ChineseRead More