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May, 2015


Huawei MediaPad M2 – technical output of a good tablet


All technical features and price a little high of the new tablet Huawei MediaPad M2… It was recently presented Huawei MediaPad M2, not in Europe, even if the tablet will come here too, at the beginning in France but then all over the territory.

Verizon and the Changing Face of AOL

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, AOL, then called America Online, became the Internet for millions. It wasn’t the first online service by any means. CompuServe had been around for a while, but it was geared toward tech savvy users. Steve Case, CEO of America Online, envisioned his company as an online service for everyday people, one that was easy for those who didn’t know anything about computers to use.

Recent Developments in Transparent Photovoltaic Solar Cells

In April 2015, MIT startup Ubiquitous Energy announced that its fully transparent solar cell will soon hit the market. Unlike previous generations of transparent solar cells, which were partially opaque, Ubiquitous Energy’s solar cell is as clear as untinted glass or clean water. This solar cell was created at Michigan State University in 2014 by the research team of Richard Lunt, who co founded Ubiquitous Energy.

Bet You Didn’t Know 10 Interesting Facts About Modern Elevators

Door Close Button: This button doesn’t actually do anything. The only way to make the door close faster is to use the right key. This means that the only purpose of the Door Close button is to give you the illusion of having control over the elevator.

TomTom Bandit action cam with easy editing

action cam

The TomTom brand is best known for satellite navigation systems. Now the Dutch company broadens horizons. TomTom Bandit is the name of an action cam easy to use that marks the arrival in this segment of the famous Dutch producer, whose fame knows no boundaries for systems of satellite navigation.

The New Way of Getting Robbed – Unsecured Wi-Fi


We must have heard of stories from old people, who keep telling stories about getting robbed when they were travelling in those days, when travelling was not that safe and when there were not many provisions to call police or communicate with people. However the scene has not changed, people are still getting robbed, and the chances are high when you are travelling to a different place. Not being aware and familiar with places, people fall prey to such robberies and lose money and valuables. However this is for thoseRead More

Magic S7, new speakers to 58 thousand dollars


These speakers Magic S7 are destined for high-end market, and in fact reached the price of 58 thousand dollars the couple in short, are the classic device that we propose not to advise you to buy and increase your knowledge in a particular field, but to make you see how far they can get prices for certain products (for that matter, should be used, given the numbers of Samsung televisions and various devices that we have presented so far).

Panasonic HX-A1 Wearable Action Camera


The market action cam confirms its liveliness, adhering to the needs felt by more and more customers. Panasonic HX-A1 is the name of an action cam capable of meeting the needs of customers today. We all know how these tools have become popular, the desire of people to capture and share moments of their daily lives, especially if rich animation. In some cases the movies involve extreme actions, but those are best left to the professionals, because life is worth more than the protagonist.

Your Apple Watch Is Not Safe Out There!

Apple Watch

We have known that Apple devices are the safest on the market, not only to cyber attacks but also in the front line is in the physical world, or in other words, they are safe to lovers gossiping. After Apple released iOS 7, a device that had an apple would be protected by something called Activation Lock, which keeps your data and your phone safe even if subjected to a restoration of software causing the computer becomes virtually a beautiful paperweight and have to be returned to the owner whoRead More

Apple Takes Your Problem Between Apple Watch And Tattoos

The problem had several new SmartWatch users of Apple, specifically talked about who had tattoos on his wrist where his watch used. It is not sure the root of the problem, but the sensors of Apple Watch did not work well being on tattoos that were heavily loaded with black and red, the problem was such that many users still taking the watch on his wrist were not able to tell your clock were using and had to deliver information.