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April, 2015


Motrr Galileo motorized support for GoPro


Support to perform remote shooting with the GoPro can be an interesting option for the needs of users. Galileo is the support of motorized Motrr born for the ‘iPhone but now available, thanks to a series of adjustments, including the famous GoPro.

A Brief Note on the Significance of Sales Executive Jobs

Sales executives promote services and products to customers and involve in negotiations with contacts in an effort to maximize the sales profits. Sales executives are the key source of contact between clients and organizations, answering queries, introducing new products and offering advice. The major work responsibility of sales executives include organizing sales visits, presenting/demonstrating products, establishing new business, maintaining precise records, attending conferences, trade exhibitions and meetings, negotiating contracts and reviewing sales performance.

Use best video converter to promote your products

If you are a business man dealing with modern gadgets, you perhaps want to deliver a presentation of those items. Obviously, every business man wants to do so to promote their products. So, if you want to more prominent to the public, you should try to make the presentation more engaging. And, it can be achieved only through video converting program. However, it is to be remembered that you should use not just any video converter but a special advanced system like Movavi.

Asus VivoWatch, new fitness tracker resistant to water and dust


At Milan Design Week Asus unveiled the new VivoWatch a fitness tracker really nice and helpful … Asus VivoWatch was presented at the Design Week in 2015 and made ​​her look good, as well as being sold at a price quite accesible (we talk about USD 162), boasts features and design anything but bad just give look at the picture to realize that it’s nice to see and it can be used with almost all types of clothing (improvement not with a classic suit, but few smartwatch who manage toRead More

Know The Needs And Importance Of Agents For Every Sale

mobile technology improve your company's efficiency

Now in the latest trend scenario most of the people get trapped on the real estate by using the latest techniques for the real estate. Mainly the real estate investment deals with the vast amount. When you trapped along with the tricks on the deal then people can able to lead the many losses as well as hardships on the life. So think of the agent help to avoid the cheating and bad things. When you search out the best agents from the source this is good decision for peopleRead More

Refurbished iMacs: To Buy Or Not To Buy

Stylish, elegant and secretly desired by almost every computer user on the planet, the Apple iMac continues to shine among desktop computers even into the 21st century. Furthermore, the refurbished iMac hasn’t diminished any in its popular appeal as more and more reputable refurbishing centers, such as, continue to pull the seemingly endless supply of iMacs out of their proverbial magic hats.

Jabra UC Stealth, the compact and lightweight headset is renewed


The technology market runs. Updates become so indispensable for those products that they want to ride the wave. It also happens to earphones. Society debut for Jabra UC Stealth, mono headsets with Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle for Unified Communication platforms, which allows you to transfer calls from the softphone to smartphone and vice versa.

The scanner Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 wins the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2015


Receiving awards is always good, especially when it comes to important awards, such as that obtained by Fujitsu. The scanner Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 receives the Red Dot Product Design Award for 2015. This is an important recognition, awarded by an international jury, composed of 40 design specialists from around the world. Among the extensive range of choice, the committee awarded the prize to the model of Nissan, we discover together, in its blend of style, technology and functionality.

Asus Strix 7.1 True 7.1 Surround, the new high-end headset for gaming


Asus officially presents the new gaming headsets Strix 7.1 True 7.1 Surround with 10 drivers for high-quality surround sound, USB audio station with amplifier and light effects on the earcups. Asus introduces a new accessory in its lineup of electronic gadgets dedicated to the world of video gaming: headphones for gaming Asus Gaming Strix 7.1 True 7.1 Surround.

Contact lenses smart for Google, today recognized the paternity company


Google is thrown on medicine and experiments contact lenses smart: today recognized the paternity of the patent by the USPTO. Contact lenses smart Google, those that were simple contact lenses wireless, have become reality: not that before were only the rumors, those on their existence; but today we learned that the USPTO ‘United States Patent and Trademark Office’ has recognized the company’s Mountain View authorship of the patent that describes the technology in question, which means, therefore, that the contact lenses smart Google may arrive early on the market (“soon”Read More