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March, 2015


Make way for the all new Asus ET2040IUK

Gone are the days when elaborate and huge desktops were in the trend. Now a day’s people prefer to have the most compact desktops and other electronic devices because they are not only convenient to keep at compact spaces at home; rather they can also be used while on the go. Asus has so far offered a series of convenient and new age gadgets to the world electronic market and the latest addition to the Asus bandwagon is the all new Asus ET2040IUK desktop. This is probably the slimmest desktopRead More

iSnatch Bluetooth Waterproof Mini speaker


A small speaker and water resistant can be an attractive solution, especially for younger people. Here is the proposal iSnatch. Bright colors and retro design for the iSnatch Bluetooth Waterproof Mini speaker, playing on compact volumes and sympathy to gain the interest of those who love to listen to music anywhere, even on the move.

PicoAir portable projector for smartphones


See with friends photos and videos contained in your smartphone gets easier with PicoAir. PicoAir is a portable projector that can help on those occasions when it is difficult to have a larger device of the same type. The model was created for use with the smartphone, allowing the sharing that you can not get by appealing to only smart phone, where the photos or videos are enjoyed by two, maximum three people at a time, because of the small size of the screen, that limit the field of view.

5 Effective Ways to Protect Your Data and Online Identity

Operating in the online arena has become an integral part of daily life for most people. Whether you’re checking your email, using social media, browsing the web, shopping, or even managing your own blog or website, you probably spend a significant amount of time online each and every day. And while the internet has quickly become the go-to means of communication and information gathering for the modern man, security for this growing medium is constantly evolving and trying to catch up with cyber-criminals. And the gap is evidenced by theRead More

Heat Map Microwave with thermal camera


Microwave ovens are popular today in a widespread manner, but have some limitations, the inventive seeks to overcome.

Work With A Studio That Puts Your Needs First When Creating New Mobile Apps

In today’s very active app market, two truths have become readily apparent. First, if your business still doesn’t have a mobile application, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. And second, innovative ideas arekingmakers — and this is true for developers and clients who’ve had the foresight and creativity to embrace technology and conquer the market. 


For quite a long time, real estate business individuals thought that it was hard to get an advertising channel for it. SEO is gradually turning into an exceptionally famous promoting channel for a great deal of Real estate organizations on the grounds. This is the very motivation behind why Real estate SEO is getting a decent reaction from individuals who comprehend this metric. Additionally with Real estate SEO you have the choice of restricting the showcasing or taking it across the country or worldwide. This implies that this strategy ofRead More

Pure Sound Labs BT2200 Bluetooth headsets for children

When one thinks of the headphones, in general the idea goes to the users more mature and aware. Reeds children, however, use them. Protect them is a duty. Pure Sound Labs BT2200 Bluetooth headset is specifically designed for children, with the aim of putting them away from dangerous hearing damage.

Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive, a beautiful stick with encryption system

USB stick

A code encryption protects the data of this new Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive The new Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive is a key that might like it more than anybody, except for the price: we doubt, in fact, that there is the desire to buy a USB memory from 4 GB to 95 dollars …

Retrieve your lost data with Easeus data recovery wizard pro

Now recovering of your lost data is an easiest task if you are taking the assistance of Easeus. It is said to be the best software for Hard Drive Data Recovery. No matter whether you lost your data from PC/Laptop, server, digital device, hard drive, storage media your data will be recovered with the assistance of this software.