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Tuesday, January 20th, 2015


Lehmann Audio Traveller, new Portable Headphone Amplifier


Lehmann Audio Traveller is a new portable headphone amplifier very good but maybe a bit’ too expensive Today we present a Portable Headphone Amplifier very good but a bit’ too expensive: Lehmann Audio Traveller, in fact, provides very convincing performance, as well as how to use a very simple, but the price of 499 euro makes us reassess much (well, it is true that the amplifier is a niche product, it is equally true, however, that there is a limit to everything, they speak of 500 Euros, which are certainlyRead More

Mr.Nuc V6, from China a mini-PC with Intel Core i3 for $ 300


Mr.Nuc V6 is a new kit mini-PC based on Intel Core i3 Haswell and inserted at a price of $ 300. Despite its name, however, the device has nothing to do with the line of Intel NUC.

Technical Innovations Expected to Change our World in 10 Years

When you are a kid, teachers often encourage you to think about what the future will hold, and may even go so far as to have the class brainstorm possible inventions. The reality is that within the next ten years, a whole slew of innovations are expected to come our way. Some of these inventions will simply make life easier. Others will empower individuals to get more out of the day and be more productive. For too long we’ve been promised a world with flying cars, teleportation and personal jetRead More