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Thursday, December 25th, 2014


Cell Phone Recycling-Selling Is Better Than Throwing


Do you have one, two or more unused old cell phones at your place? If your answer is yes, you are not the only person; there are plenty of people just like you. Unless you don’t want to make some money out of these unused phones or even recycle them in any other way, you are free to keep them as long as you want.  If you don’t make use of them today, they are definitely going to become useless in the long run. The question that now arises isRead More

Happy Tab, new tablet for children with excellent applications and parental controls


A tablet for children really nice, this Happy Tab studied by Chicco What we present today is a tablet for children, whose name, Happy Tab, recalls indisputably the target audience, as it happens, moreover, for all the other tablets of this kind, of which we told you about some time ago . Our Happy Tab is made ​​from bean and is designed for children who are aged between eighteen and the thirty months along with Reply, a company specializing in the creation of new products based on new communication channelsRead More

Flow, gadgets for controlling the PC with only gestures


Check the PC is also possible without mouse and touchpad: here comes Flow Today we present a gadget that will undoubtedly like to holders of a personal computer: the device in question, in fact, is called Flow and is able to connect to the desktop or laptop PC, to be programmed and enable you to communicate with the device only through gestures: no mouse and no other hardware, in short, except that this circle, however, compatible with a large number of applications (we talk about Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop,Read More