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Monday, November 24th, 2014


Sony Smartwatch 3 available on Google PlayStore USA to $ 249


Sony Smartwach 3 is available on Google Play for US $ 249 Sony Smartwatch 3 is finally available in the US : the smart watch, in fact, is now available on Google PlayStore American, where it sold for $ 249, a figure in line with the proposals of the market of the other companies, and that surely will be reduced over time (assuming that Sony wants to aim for mass consumption, already hampered by the fact that the smartwatch are not seen as necessary by all : and not unjustly).

SONO, a cancellation of noise pollution system for your windows

cancellation of noise pollution system for your windows

In the city, urban noise pollution is everywhere. Cars honking, fire sirens, air conditioners, public works, music neighbors, passersby on the street, planes, trains, etc. And if you live near a school, a playground, a bar or a nightclub, do not talk about … The street generates noise and we can not do much about . Even with double or triple glazed windows, it is not always easy to stay in peace and quiet at home.