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Wednesday, November 12th, 2014


Speaker BeoLab 17 new version in all black


The color cut can make all the difference. Use different shades is sufficient to confer a new specificity dialectic to technology products. Bang & Olufsen offers the total black BeoLab 17 speaker high end Wireless, which is distinguished by its unique design and acoustic performance worthy of the rank.

Moov, fitness tracker able to follow every movement can be done by the coach for each sport


Moov is a fitness tracker better than what you already have, or at least these are the forecasts that we can do as opposed to those already on the market, this new gadget can track the movements in all directions, and potentially “understand” each sport. Moov was able to exceed its goal on Kickstarter in 90 minutes, and it’s not hard to see why: defined as a coach AI wearable thanks to its sophisticated sensors that record 9 axes of motion, the Moov is able to understand the position ofRead More