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Monday, October 13th, 2014


Stealth Jabra, your headset Compact and lightweight


Another novelty in the segment signature Jabra headsets, which is always very lively, adhering well to the market demands. Jabra launches in the list ‘Stealth headset, which is the first product of its kind with Bluetooth 4.0 in the catalog of the brand. This model, new generation, new technologies available to fit the needs of end users.

Acer Chromebox CXI, the mini PC for sale at 219.99 dollars


The new Acer Chromebox is available for sale at 219.99 dollars This mini PC is called Acer Chromebox CXI and it was announced last August: it is a device that we like very much, because, as all devices with Chrome OS, it does not cost a lot and offers a decent performance; the price, in fact, is equal to 219.99 dollars and is therefore convenient for a certain type of consumer.

Things to Consider When Buying Columbia Tools

Plaster products are important construction equipment that is required for developing as well as repairing buildings. Among these plaster products; Columbia Tools are very popular among the workers as they are used in the dispensing of chemicals and taping. These tools are designed using the latest precision engineering techniques which help the workers in completing their construction work quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, such tools are durable as well and once purchased can be used for years. This is the reason why these tools are very much inRead More