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Saturday, October 11th, 2014


Kickstarter of the Week: Wear Hattrick hat prismatic with augmented reality to smartphones


Wear a hat trick is probably the kit augmented reality craziest we’ve seen since the days of the Nintendo Virtual Boy. Augmented Reality on the cheap? According to the inventor of Hattrick Wear you can do. Just do not get cervical problems … Why the trick is to place your smartphone in a kind of special hat, complete with a prism in a HUD that transfers the contents of your touch screen. This kind of helmet is made like a baseball cap, and is poised to not to fall overRead More

Intel Basis Peak, a new fitness-tracker with features smartwatch


Intel and the newly acquired producer of electronic gadgets Science Basis, are preparing to launch a new wearable accessory. Intel Basis Peak is a fitness tracker with sensor for heart rate and provide certain features such as those of the smartwatch. We begin to forward us in the autumn and the winter holidays are getting closer. This period is typically one of the most profitable for the various manufacturers of consumer electronics that aim to increase sales thanks to the races for gifts.