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October, 2014


Hendo hoverboard, the legendary skateboard gets up to 2.5 cm from the floor


The legendary hoverboard was built by Hendo here is the prototype of the California startup The last time we talked about a hoverboard Google was the company character today, however, the legendary skateboard that rises from the ground is named after Hendo hoverboard and has nothing to do with the Mountain View giant, Unfortunately for Eric Schmidt.

Magic Leap, Google invests in firmly augmented reality


Google has set aside a budget of more than $ 500 million to the startup Magic Leap, a company that is focusing its efforts on the development of a complex and amazing system for augmented reality. When we imagine how the world will be in a future not too far certainly augmented reality and virtual reality are part of the picture. These elements are part of the imaginary common and very recent advances in technology have helped to bring these “reality”.

Wireless Mouse ADJ D-Face with Dual Mode


Even in a simple input device to your computer you can search for the optimal combination of aesthetics and functionality, with regard to the personal tastes of the buyers. Bears the signature of the new ADJ ADJ MW003 Wireless Mouse D-Face, which aims at gaining the consent of the public spirit of the younger, regardless of age registry, which does not always tell the character and approach to life of each of we.

A toothbrush works with an application! With Goodwell possible


This week I talked on Engadget on why everyone wants to sell subscription models rather than individual purchase of goods. Goodwell meets many of the arguments that we had you.

Other projects take over the controversial Anonabox


Few days ago a Kickstarter project called Anonabox attracted great interest. This router lets you protect your privacy and leveraging the OpenWRT software tools Tor Project were outnumbered by the lack of transparency of its leaders. That ruling was that the project was canceled by Kickstarter -its creators continue with the idea from his own website- but now other side projects with the same goal and that is precisely correct sections as transparency try to take over.

JunoPower HUE Stick, power bank emergency

Have their own technological devices with enough power to guarantee our regular course of business is a very experienced need. Several solutions on the market. JunoPower HUE Stick is a way to not experience the inconvenience of a dead battery in our technological gadgets. This device can give a relief when we are looking for the lost energy, in order to have the device always in charge.

Anki Drive, toy cars racing robot landed on Android


Anki on Android platform brings its Anki Drive, a play set consists of cars equipped with electronic programmable artificial intelligence that will compete on a track and battle it out in virtual reality. During the course of the Worldwide Developer Conference 2013 conference for developers held annually by Apple, along with the innovations introduced by the Cupertino company, such as iOS and OS X 7 Maverick, made ​​his appearance, the company also Anki, chosen specifically by Apple to illustrate the potential of iOS.

Sound Box Portable Rechargeable GBC

It ‘an instrument suitable for Halloween, but it was created to scare people with claims related to noise zombies, witches and vampires. Just as well. Today we look at the Box portable audio GBC, powered by rechargeable 12 V DC / 4 A. This allows freedom of placement both in open habitats than in closed.

Huawei Play Smart Bracelet, bracelet new $ 65


Among the bracelets cheap today we announce Huawei Play Smart Bracelet Huawei Play Smart Bracelet was introduced recently and is a bracelet that, for this reason, it is still shrouded in mystery, will add to the multitude of bracelets that are springing up in the Chinese market from 21 October, but it seems that is also in the release around the world, as long as the debut does not prove disappointing. And the risk there is no doubt – as the more informed will know – given that China hasRead More

The LG HD MiniBeam plays the card of their small size


The world of portable projectors is living a second youth (never have become adults in the market) with the help of connectivity and smartphones and LG has a ready to hit the windows model.