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September, 2014


HTC preparing “something remarkable” and anticipates a teaser


HTC published an official video to announce the arrival of “something remarkable” that will be presented during the press event in New York on 8 October. The teaser hints at a gadget dedicated to the shooting, maybe a cam-action. A little more than two weeks ago, HTC has begun to distribute some mysterious invitations to a press event to be held early next month. The theater chosen for the press conference, which will take place precisely the ‘October 8, is New York, but the Taiwanese company, as often happens onRead More

HTC Nexus 9 will be launched on October 24 in the UK


According to some new rumors the HTC Nexus 9 will be introduced in the UK market on October 24. The new tablet system consists of Google Nexus may be submitted with the new release of the Android operating system L. We already know for some time that HTC will be the new head of the production of yet another tablet for the Nexus lineup of products through which Google spreads its vision of the Android platform.

21 Ways to Save your Battery on iOS 8

Congratulations on your brand-new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Perhaps you’ve upgraded your old iPhone because you just can’t stand to part with it, and you’re loving all the new features. Unfortunately, you might also notice that your battery is struggling under the weight of the new features, and you want to take steps to correct it. but it seems have some tips to maximize battery life, however.

Supports for GoPro action cam signed Go4Fun


The action cam offer us new opportunities to experience the visual reminder of our emotions, that there is also space in the technological dimension, as well as in the heart. Go4Fun offers a range of accessories for GoPro, designed to personalize and protect, making it easier to use in different operating conditions.

Alcatel One Touch Wave, the new smartwatch takes aim at the Moto 360°


They leaked on the net a few new images that portray a close the first smartwatch by Alcatel. The gadget, which will be called Alcatel OneTouch Wave, has a round shape reminiscent of the Motorola Moto 360° and will be compatible with Android and iOS. The term “smartwatch” is without a doubt one of the most repeated words in the context of consumer technology over the course of the last year thanks to the number of products launched under this epithet if not for the interest that this kind ofRead More

ARRI Alexa 65 film cameras are passed to 6.5K


For those who do not know, the ARRI Group is a provider of film crew based in Germany, and as you would expect no manufactures cameras for the general public, the priority here is the picture quality fullscreen. His latest creation is called ARRI Alexa 65. ¿4K? What if you have a team capable of recording what we could call 6.5K. The maximum resolution of video work this wonder is 6,560 x 3,102 pixels, and does so with the dynamic range – 14 steps, near 18 Red Dragon – expectedRead More

Overall increase in emissions of greenhouse gases in 2013

Global emissions of greenhouse gases rose by 2.3 percent in 2013, reaching a record high, highlighting that the world is still far from being able to control global warming. However, the average growth rate in the last decade was 2.5 percent. Much of this small decline can be attributed to the economic slowdown in China, which is the single largest source of emissions in the world. I mean, we do not know if the galloping pace of recent years rearguard when the economy starts to grow again. As a counterpoint,Read More

Oculus Announces VR prototype Crescent Bay


The world of virtual reality has certainly received a new impetus to the development of VR Oculus , where even Samsung has come out with their own glasses benefited Gear VR and of course Facebook has been the biggest winner to have acquired the company and makes some months.

Com 1: Wear Android is not just for large manufacturers


What we have been seeing so far are works of the leading manufacturers of the market, those who have the capacity to create and miniaturize components to be accommodated in such a small device like a clock. Wear Android Watches born in LG, Samsung or Motorola, to very quickly move to a second generation as advanced as the 360 Moto or LG G Watch R, circular screens. It is a scenario in which small manufacturers seem to have little sting.

BeoLab 20 total white wireless speaker for Danish


In the technology space, white is a color very popular, because it paints the notes of modernity with the right nuance, full of candid sophistication. BeoLab 20 is also available in all-white, like many high-tech tools of the contemporary era. The fashion of white, revived the great from the first edition of the Apple iPhone, it is used more and more extensive technological universe, better than other colors because it expresses the essence, especially in those products where you want to enhance the aesthetic purity that preserves their sophistication.