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Tuesday, August 26th, 2014


Control your Google Glass with the mind

Google Gadget

A company called thisplace has developed a way to control our smart glasses of Google with the mind, through an application that will connect to this. Thus, we can perform the tasks that we want to just think about them.

Sentry, SteelSeries, coach your game


During the E3 trade show, which continued to be held yesterday, we were able to attend the presentation of a curious gadget: Sentry SteelSeries. This is a gadget for professionals and players making an eye-tracking to see what flaws while you’re playing.

AirType, bracelets made from keyboard


In recent years there have been in the world of gadgets numerous special keyboards with amazing features like its flexibility or water resistant, but with AirType bracelets can write without keyboard and seem a novelty that could replace them.

Discover Google Android L


Although until the fall months will not be released officially, Google has presented at a conference for its next operating system developers. L This offer Android developments regarding safety and design and introduce some changes. the gadget to check the status of your drink

Gadget is a new gadget with a very curious and very seldom seen to date utility: its peculiarity is to examine the condition of the drink you are going to drink so it does not have any toxic substance and found everything in order.

Become Selfie – Selfies with Mirror


The company has developed Selfie iStrategyLabs Mirror, which apparently is a normal mirror but if you’re a few seconds in front of him and smile, can make a selfie captarte and then upload it to social networking.

Phones with folding screen!


Samsung is one of the leading companies that they like to innovate, so we have developed the prototype of a new smartphone: it is a phone with a full wrap that folds and cross screen, thus making a screen almost twice normal.

Android and its facilities if you lose your mobile


Google, thinking of all users who have ever lost your phone, Android has been updated to make it easier to find him, because if someone finds it can call a phone number that you have previously given.

Pedal to charge your gadgets


If you traveled lately, chances are at some airport Webike you’ve encountered. These are bikes that make pedaling if your gadgets are loaded. Took just half an hour, for example, we will have to charge a smartphone. Pedal nonstop The truth is that we could already see Webike across Europe, these exercise bikes that may seem simply designed for exercise; but nothing further, allowing charging gadgets. If you’ve been in a place like an airport perhaps you’ve missed or you have gone long, but have already been implemented in some.

Charge your gadgets with KettleCharge


KettleCharge is a gadget designed for you to wear when you’re away from home and so can charge your gadgets when you need it. Use the temperature difference as a system to load these, which will save you from many apueros if you take it with you. Load Away Load gadgets away is becoming so common an activity that every day we see new devices with this feature. Without going any further yesterday spoke in a very original way to charge gadgets such as exercise bikes at strategic points. AndRead More