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June, 2014


A smart anti-theft device for cars


Two young Malaga have launched CarCentinel; it is a device with a motion sensor can detect any type of activity that occurs on your car, such as noise, motion and any type of intrusion to so notify the landlord.

The gadget pleasantly sleeping


More and more gadgets to enjoy a pleasant dream that we see in the market. This time we present Sound Asleep Pillow, a pillow that will sound the music you want before bed so you can sleep in comfort. Sleep with music Just recently I talked about a gadget that served to control the activity during the night and we can prevent some problems; well we’ve spoken several times of this kind of gadgets that claim to help control problems arising from sleep, which affects millions of people. On thisRead More

Control your dreams with Sense


If you are one of those many who have a difficult time sleeping, either because you wake up a lot throughout the night or because you simply can not do it, we introduce Sense, a gadget that will examine your sleep habits.

LaMetric, physical notifications panel

We are accustomed to be aware at all times of the notifications that arise with our social networks, emails … On this basis it was decided to create LaMetric, a physical notification panel that will show these on a panel with an LED display.