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May, 2014


Discover Steamboy


Although the Steam continue to work on your own Steam OS and development system for computers, an independent company has decided to use it to carry out the development of a portable console that play the games room platform, Steamboy.

A gadget for mobile photo printing


A natural entrepreneurs of New York have created a gadget called Instant Impossible lab and wanted to emulate primarily a traditional laboratory revealed, but this time may release photos of our mobile devices to enjoy them physically.

Swash, a gadget board


Swash is a gadget for all those who have no time or desire to board because, by simply entering inside the garment you wish board, after 10 minutes we will have it ready to lay without a wrinkle.

We evaluate GFlex LG

In the new segment ‘phablets’ (between tablets and smartphones), the Korean LG puts high fence Honestly it was relatively recently that found sense of these devices that are between smartphones and tablets. They are not for the typical user; are not just for entertainment.